Hypnaughty offers you the highest quality luxury 3D Silk lashes and genuine Mink lashes.

All of our lashes are handcrafted with care.

The 3D Silk lashes are the newest trend! Our 3D Silk lashes are made from the highest quality premium silk. They are multi layered, more extravagant and with very extraordinary style. With proper care, our 3D Silk lashes can be worn up to 30 times! These lashes are feathery soft, extremely glamorous, fluffy and very light weight.

Our Mink collection:

Hypnaughty offers you the most comfortable, natural looking and unique premium Mink lashes. The mink fur is gathered from gently brushing live mink, after which it's being sterilized and it's a 100% hypo - allergic. Because of the nature and quality of Mink lashes, you may also carefully curl them. Our Mink eyelashes can be used up to 25 times with proper care.