Silk Lashes - the biggest makeup trend

Hypnaughty Lashes is the first brand which introduced Silk lashes on the market!

We wanted to offer our customers something new, unique and unseen. All Hypnaughty silk lashes are extremely glamorous, multilayered and add extra glam and volume to the eyes. They offer longer wear period than mink lashes, therefore they're definitely more valuable. The feel of silk lashes as the words suggest, feels very silky and looks a bit more shiny on the eyes. Our silk lashes add the extra pop on the eyes, without the need to stack two pairs! Until recently, our silk lashes collection consisted of two styles - HypNaughty and Smokin' Hot.

We're happy and excited to introduce two new styles - Sadistfaction and Unleashed, which are absolutely beautiful and unique! You can't go wrong with any of the styles, so make sure you give them a try and thank us later!