Mink Lashes vs Silk Lashes

Have you ever wondered what the main difference between Mink and Silk lashes is?

Hypnaughty Lashes will provide you with more in depth information regarding both types so you can make a better decision on which lash type is the better option for you.

Mink lashes have been popular and more preferred for a while. The simple reason is because they provide the most natural lash appearance, which is comparable to our natural lashes. The mink hairs have a black – brown color and have more of a matte finish. They come in different styles and lengths and you’re always likely to find the best style for your needs. With mink lashes, you have the options to choose between a single layer lashes or multilayered for more drama. You can curl these lashes, however they’re slightly harder to be kept curled. You may have to repeat the curl process in between uses. The band of the mink lashes is usually thinner and more comfortable, because the mink hair is very lightweight.

Mink lashes have a slightly shorter wear period, up to 25 wears with proper care.

This image portraits the beauty blogger Angela Cuneo who is wearing our mink lashes in style Seduction from our Mink collection.

Mink Lashes style Seduction by Hypnaughty Lashes.

As we already mentioned in a previous blog post, Silk lashes are currently trending in the beauty industry. Silk lashes are made out of real silk and they are always multilayered, giving a more dramatic appearance on the eyes, without the need to stack two pairs. Another reason which adds to the drama is their color. They’re very black and have more of a glossy finish. These types of lashes are mostly used for a night out or a special event. Silk lashes can also be curled and in fact, they’re more likely to retain their curled shape. The lashes are very soft and really lightweight, however some styles may have a thicker band due to the fact, the hairs are multilayered.

The maximum wear period for Silk lashes is up to 30 wears.

We always recommend our customers to have a pair of Mink lashes and a pair of Silk lashes, as this will give them the option to pick out which pair is more suitable for a certain occasion.

The same talented beauty blogger, Angela Cuneo is wearing our 3D Silk lashes in style HypNaughty from the 3D Silk collection.

Silk Lashes style HypNaughty by Hypnaughty Lashes.