How To Double Stack False Lashes

If you want to learn everything on how to double stack false lashes, you have come to the right place!

Double stacking two pairs of false lashes means you are creating your unique and custom design, which is such a fun and glamorous idea! Fraya.Beauty used our mink lashes in style Sinday and on top of these lashes, she stacked style Seduction

If you take a close look at both styles Sinday and Seduction, you will notice the ultimate difference between both lash styles. The first style has a criss cross pattern and the length is concentrated in the center, which makes them the perfect lashes for a halo makeup. The second style is flared and much longer at the end, which let alone style Seduction are the ideal lash style for a cat eye makeup or makeup which requires eyeliner. Both lashes are completely opposite from one another, but stacked together they have made the eyes look so unique and beautiful.

Another major reason why people like to double stack the lashes is obviously the dramatic appearance they give on the eyes. If you have a special event you need to attend or you just want to look your best, double stacking takes off the stress of your eyeshadow to match your outfit. You can always use neutral eyeshadows, double stack your falsies and you are already looking extra glam!

Now let's discuss the process of stacking two pairs of eyelashes. If you know how to apply just a single pair, you're lucky because you now know how to apply two pairs. Everyone has their own preference, but there are two ways to do it. The length of both pairs must match and the false lashes should be measured to fit your natural lash line. If you are unsure how to complete this process, you can refer to our how to apply and care guide for more information.

You can either pre - stack your lashes or you can apply them one after another, directly on to the eye. Some people prefer to glue the lash bands together prior to the application. This is a good option if you plan on keeping the lashes stacked after use. The second option is to first apply one of the pairs, then stack the second lashes on top. The key to both ways is to make sure the lashes are as close to the lash line as possible. 



If you're thinking how easy everything looks after watching the video, that's because it really is. We dare you to try two pairs of lashes and see you double stack them for your next glam event! Show the world your new skills. How unique and dramatic your eyes look! Be the center of attention for the night and let them stare at you!

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